Stylish & Functional bergs3in1

The bergs3in1 is a 100% British designed product by Bergs design, bag specialists since 2001.

Both stylish and functional, this ‘game changer’ of a bag comes in 10 vibrant colours.

An innovative solution for your day to day needs as well as good value for money. Following the Scandinavian design principles of beauty in combination with functional design for an affordable price.

The bergs3in1 has been in development for over 5 years starting with the aim of providing a convenient, practical and multifunctional bag. Collaborating with customers, we have created a smart, attractive solution to many that have sought a way of carrying without the risk of overloading.

PHASE 1 • Wear it!
The bergs3in1 begins its innovative transformation by starting as a sturdy yet lightweight handbag that boasts a generous interior compartment which can be zipped. Adjustable straps with shiny buckles round off the features of this water resistant bag.

PHASE 2 • Whoosh it!
The next phase is reached by simply unzipping the cleverly hidden zip running across the ‘equator’ of the bag, and then the bergs3in1 becomes ‘extended’, volume now almost doubled. Handy for those oversized items!

PHASE 3 • Wheel it!
Last, and certainly not least, and arguably the ‘pièce de résistance’! By unzipping the compartment situated at the base of the bergs3in1, 2 wheels are revealed which then are simply flipped up. And after folding the flap away, you are ready to roll!!!

Transform from handbag to wheels.

Transform wheels to extended bag.

Transform extended bag to handbag.

“This is the most remarkable bag I have ever seen!”

— Sir Anthony Jolliffe, Business tycoon & former Lord Mayor of London


Attention to detail.

The Strap

The Wheels

The Zipper

“The best thing since sliced bread”

— Mrs Fiona M, Bristol, UK


Choose your colours.